29 Sep: RPL Statement

As some of you might have seen RPL’s official statement regarding Aura Gaming’s RPL Season APAC Season 1. This is…


Largest Clash Royale Clan in the South East Asia Region with over 3,000 Players!

Aura Gaming is a community based clan that gives back to the Clash Royale Community. With over 3,000 Clashers
in our family, we strive to provide them with weekly activities to keep them interested in the game.


With over 55 clans and 3,000 players we are the biggest clan in S.E.A 


We host weekly tournament events and internal fun game modes. 


Can’t keep up with the latest meta? We share replays on youtube weekly. 

why join AURA?

We are a big family, we take care of one another. We make sure that everyone is treated with respect and have
fun at the same time. Being part of Aura Gaming family comes with alot of benefits and make your
Clash Royale experience even better.

Each Aura family welcomes you with open arms. Our chat groups over different platforms are very active and we always have something to talk about whether it is Clash Royale related or not.
We have top players that successfully completed 12 wins in the Grand Challenge mode and 15,000 cards tournaments. You learn an awful lot. You get to see the good, the bad and the ugly. You will see lots of very good ideas (like proper control, placement technique) and some not so good gameplays (like negative elixir trade).
No matter win or lose, we play with pride. Aura Gaming does not encourage spamming of emotes and we take this very seriously. Friends, Family or Rivals, we respect everyone with a 'GGWP' after an intense dual.

aura replays

We believe in sharing our success and help everyone that is willing to learn. Aura Gaming replays will show you the different kind of decks
you could use to fully help you climb the ranked ladder. We will also be featuring matches against famous youtuber and how we managed to get
the winning crowns.

NightWitch Graveyard
NightWitch Graveyard
25 July, 2017 in  Xbow
Xbow with Ice Golem
Xbow with Ice Golem
8 November, 2016 in  Xbow
Family Clans
Tournaments Hosted
Top 55 Global Rank

Drop Us A Line

Are you interested in joining our family? Do you have any questions for us? Feel free to drop us any form of queries or messages right below!

We are constantly looking for sponsers and parties that are willing to work with us to make Clash Royale in S.E.A region better. Do message us on Facebook if you require a faster response in your enquires.