Grand Opening of Aura Gaming Website

After almost 2 months of giving out sneak previews and screenshots, here we are! I officially welcome you to Aura Gaming’s website! This would be where we post our contents and information regarding the organization.

Once every 2 months, Aura Gaming will hold a 10k Gem tournament as a filter for the Aura Gaming Pro Team. What is Aura Gaming Pro Team you might ask. It is the top 7 players of the organization. The top 20 Aura Gaming players that finishes in the 10k gem tournament, will proceed to a single elimination round the next day. From there, we will get the best 7 players to represent Aura Gaming in any professional tournament or friendly clan better. The 7 players will also get a spot light on our website.

We have also added a lesson page where you can get personal time with your selected player from our Pro Team. Of course, subject to availability. Do check out our videos/portfolio page as well for great game plays by our family members.

Once again, do enjoy your stay here in the website and feel free to contact us via the forms provided on certain pages.

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