Gaming with Pompeyo4 and TMD Yao Yao


Aura Gaming’s bi-weekly 10k gems tournament would be held tonight. We do this once every 2 weeks, during the weekend that the season reset. Why you might ask? We always want to give back to the massive CR community and this one of the deeds we are doing.

Tonight we will be have 2 special guest with us. Synergy Gaming’s Pompeyo4 and hKesports TMD Yao Yao. Both of them are professional Clash Royale players and we are happy to have time join us in our 10k Gems tournament. This is your chance to play against them!

Joining our family will give you early access to the tournament to secure your seat and password would be release 5-10 minutes before the tournament start time. Password would be release via various platform, so please sure to check it out below.




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