Benjamin "BenWolf" Soh
Founder / Malaysia Supervisor

BenWolf is the very core of Aura Gaming organization. He created the guidelines and ensure that the organization is running smoothly. Always calm and compose,BenWolf can be considered having the most experience when it comes in Clash Royale and is widely looked upon on.

Founder / Singapore Supervisor

「ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」only started playing Clash Royale during the month of May 2016. He picked up the game fast and rose to the Top 10 of the local leader boards in no time. He has great communication tools and is over seeing the Singapore family branch. This beautiful website you are seeing now is also created by him! Currently the first Singaporean to break the 6000 trophies barrier, he is still pushing and learning everyday!

Bruce "DaiHaiDoll" Teng
Founder / Tournament Controller

With great power, comes great responsibilities. DaiHaiDoll controls every single tournament Aura Gaming have ever created. He ensures minimum leak of tournaments password. DHD gives his best in communication with other family branch leaders and always make sure that tournaments are ran smoothly.

Kenneth "Apdo©®" Ang
Founder / Recruitments Specialist

Apdo©®  is greatly respected as a mortar player. He might even be considered Singapore’s #1 mortar player. Keen eyes and great contacts, Apdo©® constantly brings in members with talents and skills to Aura Gaming.

Benson "tazzy" Tang
Singapore Supervisor

Leader of A.R.C (Alliances, Radiances, Cosiances) clans in Singapore. Benson made Alliances into a top 3 clan in Singapore when he was passed the leadership responsibilities. With discipline and dedication, he leads the clan into the right direction and have gained utmost respect from all his members.

Louis "Kialoon" Ng
Founder / Tournament Specialist

The Connector and wise leader of the entire family. Expertise in CR multi-market negotiation and business development. Outstanding skillful player.


Founded by the leaders of the biggest Clash Royale clan of Malaysia & Singapore on October 2, 2016, Aura Gaming wasn’t an “Aura” back in it’s original formation. It all started with an exciting local merger, between Malaysia TOP 1 clan [MVP], and Singapore TOP 1 clan [Exodus]. The goal of the merger is to form a positive community that could sustain in the long-term to improve the member’s mobile gaming experience as a whole.

ExoMvp were then formulated, the clan grow in an extraordinary speed where the main clan climbed towards Global TOP 20 clans, which is a first in it’s region. Being noticed by global organization, ExoMvp were quickly picked up by Clout Gaming, while representing them in the South East Asia’s region – as Clout S.E.A. However, the transition last about 2 months and the franchise was stopped due to time zone communication issues with it’s principal Clout Gaming. The leaders were then decided to form it’s own brand, while empowering it’s core value to spread as an positive aura.

Great Vibes
Good Skills 
Best Sportsmanship 
24 July 2016
ExoMvp founded.
11 August 2016
ExoMvp were picked up by Clout gaming, Clout S.E.A founded.
2 October 2016
Aura Gaming were founded to strand it's roots in the local scene.
8 November 2016
Aura Gaming family expanded from it's origin 7 clans (350 members), into 41 clans (2050 members) which unite major MY/SG top clans.
Goal & Visions

The core value of the family had always been the same since it’s original formation – good vibes, great skills & best sportsmanship. We strongly believes, if members enjoy their stay in the family, they will grow and improves over-time. Aura Gaming embraces this concept, enforcing the value amongts the member by constantly creating positive vibes in the microenvironment. This allowed us to grow into a much bigger group where it’s value is widely accepted by different clan leaders, eventually bring together a diverse set of charismatic group of people.