Aura Domination in SG Clash Royale Open

Last weekend was one of the biggest for the clash royale community in Singapore. It was the very first Clash Royale tournament in Singapore with massive amount of prize money. There are two tournaments, the Singapore Open (limited to the first 250 participants that registered online) and the casual tournament (register on the day itself and win Jurong Point cash vouchers).


Participants were split into 8 different groups of 32. There were Group A, B, C, D that started at 11am and E, F, G, H that started at 2pm onwards. It was a single elimination best of 3 for the qualifiers. There could only be 1 winner from each group. The finals of each group would be sent to the stage as shown on the picture on the left to battle it out. Starting from Group A, we had 3 Aura members in it, blurry, Sora and The ROCK. Sora (Aura.Cosmos) and The ROCK (Aura.Alliances) sadly met during the semi finals of the group and The ROCK became victorious. He then went along and clinched the overall winner of Group A.


Next up was Group B. STK@Trudahamzik (Aura Gaming) was in the group and he eliminates all opponent standing before of him to reach into the finals of the Group. He is the number #1 ladder ranked player in Singapore afterall for a number of seasons. In the finals on the stage, he was playing another strong player from Team Reborn, asaph. Asaph was leading 1-0 and everybody thought the match was over when Asaph won the 2nd match as well. However, due to WiFi connection issue, the match was restarted and STK@Trudahamzik made it 1-1 with his xbow mortar deck! STK@Trudahamzik grinded it out in the final 3rd match and won the finals 2-1 coming from behind! Well played!


Group C had a number of Aura Gaming players as well and they had to battle it out in a tough environment. Annihilator (Aura.Cosmos) had a clean sweep in the single elimination stages and made his way to the finals of Group C. He was matched up against Adamdam08 who put up a very good fight to win the first match and lead 1-0. However, Annihilator didn’t give up and came back with his lavahound to draw the series at 1-1. It was clear that Annihilator has better technique and placement timing to win the finals 2-1.

whatsapp-image-2016-12-18-at-7-24-02-pmThis were Aura Gaming’s representatives in the final 8. From left, we have STK@Trudahamzik winner of Group B, Inferno REX winner of Group D, The ROCK winner of Group A, Tcube winner of Group G, Annihilator winner of Group C and Ping winner of Group F. These 6 Aurains made our presence felt throughout the entire tournament. They will now have to face each other to be the grand winner of the Clash Royale Singapore Open.


These were the draw for the top 8 finalists to battle it out. Round 1 was still best of 3 and from the Semi Finals onwards, it was best of 5! The ROCK and Inferno Rex had to battle against outsiders to get into the semi finals. The Rock held on and went on to the grand finals. At the bottom half of the draw, 4 Aurains were pitted against each other and they fought very gentlemanly against each other. Although we are from the same family, during times like this, the only way to advance is to win the opponent you are facing infront of you. Annihilator went on to the grand finals and met the people’s champion, The ROCK. Annihilator once against showed the audiences why he was crowned the grand winner of the Singapore Open. With his dominance play style and great timing when placing troops, he whooped up a 3-0 win in the grand finals to take home the SGD $1,250 1st place cash prize and a Secret Lab gaming chair. Congratulation to Annihilator from Aura.Cosmos for winning the first ever Clash Royale Singapore Open. Well played to The ROCK from Aura.Alliances for coming in 2nd and STK@Trudahamzik from Aura Gaming for coming in 4th.


Aura Gaming would like to thank all their members for participating in this tournament held by IAH Games. We will be looking forward to more of these tournaments and continue to dominate the Singapore Clash Royale scene. One of the reason Aura Gaming performed well in this tournament is mainly because we host tournaments online almost every other week. With these tournaments, it gives a platform for our family members to horn their skills and play among each other  as a way to practice for bigger tournaments. So if you haven’t join us yet, what are you waiting for? Para that came in 3rd has already joined us after the tournament and is in Aura.Alliances now.

PS: The replays for the whole event is available here

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