Aura Gaming Official Jersey

It’s finally here! Aura Gaming Official Jersey! We have started collecting pre-orders for the jersey and it should be ready for collection before April if everything goes smoothly! This jersey took about a month to come into fruitation and we have finally agreed on the design.

White Version

Black Version


Please note that the logo on the sleeve would be remove so you don’t have to worry about it. Nickname and clan name for the back view can be customized. Jersey price is set at  SGD 26 per piece and RM 82. Please note for Malaysian members, we have yet to include the shipping fee. This would be only calculated after everything is settled.

Order form is located here Please choose the correct order form depending on which country you are from.

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Hi guys. I’m from a clan called Reconnaissance. IGN D1CTAT0R. I would like to buy one of your tshirts, but i dont know whether u guys can have my clan name in it. I love the design. If my clan name could be in there i would be so happy to order one and get some for my clanmates too. I’ve always been a big fan of aura, but as the leader, i have brought my clan to top 200 SG alr, and i wont quit. Hope yall understand. If you guys unable to put my clan name on it then its fine ill just get your normal tshirt. Thanks for reading. My Clan Tag #2002PCPJ

Hi there, just submit the order from our order form at ! Thank you for your support!

Hey Where Can I Get This Jersey?
I From Aura.GMSD 15

hi ikhwan! just go to and submit the form! remember to choose the country you are from!

only singapore and malaysia can order the shirts?

I’m New Zealand and I’m in one of the aura clans, but is there a way for me to order one as the forms are only for Singapore and Malaysia.
Thank You

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