Aura Gaming 1st Bracket Champion!

We would like to thank all Aurians that participated yesterday in our first ever Bracket Tournament. We would like to thank -<KING>- from Aura.Immortals for sponsoring the gift card prizes as well. Shout out to THE ROCK from Aura.Alliances for participating and streaming the entire event for our members to watch. Last but not least, our SUPER Marshall Odin from Aura.Galaxy that made getting the results and ensuring all the matches went smoothly.

3rd / 4th Placing

This match was between 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」from Aura Gaming and Shinra from Aura.DarkHouse. Shinra is the younger  brother of our skillful leader, 獨手狼 aka BenWolf. Both players are fighting for the 3rd place which rewards them with a SGD $30 gift-card. 

1st Match

「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 decided to go with his Giant beat down deck equipped with the defensive combination of executioner and tornado. Shinra goes to battle with a surprising Royal Giant deck. The match started off with Shinra use of the lightning spell to counter「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」’s elixir pump giving him no chance to pump up at all. The match went in favor of Shinra 1-0 and just with 20 seconds left, 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」managed to tie the score 1-1. With both sides having 1 tower down each, it was 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」’s electro wiz and executioner combo that managed to stop Shinra’s Royal Giant pushes and went ahead to win the match.

2nd Match

2nd match went underway with 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」using his favorite ice golem/graveyard deck. Shinra made a few changes but with Royal Giant as his main DPS. As soon as 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」spots Shinra dropping off his executioner down on the right lane, he attacks the left lane with his ice golem and grave yard combo. Shinra drops off a mini pekka to defend but it is not enough and the tower got taken down quickly. With 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」 leading 1-0 up, he played smart defense until time ran out. 「 ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」took the 2nd runner up spot.


The finals were between Malaysia’s Hotlink Champion, Xeno™ and Aura Gaming’s zap bait master, Ri Shen Tan. Both were top Malaysian players and well respected within Aura Gaming’s elite community. It was an intense matchup and nobody can see for sure who the winner was. Enjoy the finals match below.


1st Match

2nd Match

3rd Match

Congratulation to Ri Shen Tan from Aura.Mello for becoming the 1st Aura Champion and winning the SGD $100 gift-card! Well fought from both individuals that gave everyone watching some nerve-wrecking moments. We look forward to see you in our next Bracket tournament!

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