Aura Gaming 1st Bracket Tournament

Happy Chinese New Year fellow Aurians! As usual, the weekend of the season reset would be our 10k gem tournaments. This season, in addition to the 2,000 cards tournament, we will be spicing things up with our first ever bracket tournament. Top 16 Aurians from the 10k gem tournament will be selected for Bracket tournament on 5th Feb 2017, Sunday, where they will fight off for a prize pool of $180 SGD gift cards. (iOS & Google).

10k Gem Tournament would be held on 3rd Feb 2017, 8:30pm password would be released to all clan leaders. Preparation time would be 2 hours and BATTLE start would be at 10:30pm sharp. Remember fellows, all time stated here is GMT +8 also known as Hong Kong Timezone.

Sunday 5th Feb 2017 Bracket

Top 16 Aurians would be drawn against each other Best of 3 format Single Elimination Knock Out. Draws would be based on which position you finish during the 10k Gems tournament. For Example, 1st vs 16th. 2nd vs 15th and so on. The Prizes would be iTunes OR Google Paystore gift cards.

  • 1st $100 SGD
  • 2nd $50 SGD
  • 3rd $30 SGD


Top 16 Aurians from Friday’s 10k Gems tournament will qualify for Sunday’s (5th Feb) Bracket Tournament. If any player could not make it, the slot will be given to the next ranking Aura player (17th etc and so on). The bracket tournament will start exactly at 8pm sharp (GMT +8).

Top 16 would be require to join clan ‘Aura Ground’ (#2Y89PPR2) by 7:45pm to avoid being late. Tournament starts 8pm.


Depending on which rank you finish in the 10k gem tournament, it may give you an early advantage. The bracket tournament will be a *SINGLE ELIMINATION* Best-of-3 format. Therefore, The 1st ranking will vs 16th ranking. 2nd ranking will vs 15th ranking and so on. More infomation on match up will be posted once Friday’s tournament is finished.


Aura Gaming tournaments have always been simple and we will keep it that way. Please note, the player nick who appear ON TOP in the brackets provided by the website, will always *HOST THE 1st MATCH*. Subsequently, for 2nd or 3rd match, the losing player will host once they are ready with a new deck or same deck.


It will be an open-deck rule. Meaning, you can change deck at ANY point of time. No cards restriction.

Lag Issues

If a player DC or lag out, a maximum of 2 rematches will be given per bracket match. Once a player DC for the 3rd time, the point will be rewards to the other player.

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