Malaysia Hotlink Clash Royale Won by Aura Gaming

Hi Clashers! Sorry for the lack of updates as our website was going through a change of web host, and we were busy holding the Aura Pro Selection Season 2.

Aura Gaming welcomes 2017 with a BIG BANG! On the first day of the month, in Malaysia we had one of the biggest Clash Royale Online/Offline Tournament in the country where it took 2 months to select the TOP 8 Clash Royale players in Malaysia. The event [ HotLink Clash Wars ] began at 16 th October 2016, where they held multiple 1,000 man online tournaments to filter thousands of players into the Top 8 position. Out of the Top 8, THREE members from Aura successfully make it into the quarterfinal, and their name are as below:

HotLink Clash Wars TOP 8:

– Xeno (Aura.GMSD)

– Mango (Aura.GMSD)

– JY (Aura.DarkHouse)

– Ah Jo

– Danial The Hero

– Gisele

– Zero

– Raveen


The main event was held at Midvalley Exhibition Mall, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on the 2 nd of January 2017. The format was a simple Single Elimination, where third place get to be played after the semi finals. All matches were BO5, No Deck Rules, utilizing player’s adaptability on the meta as well as opponent’s best decks.

First match of the quarterfinals was Gisele vs Ah Jo. The game was tied at 2 – 2 and the tension from the audience had begin to grind up. Unfortunately, the excitement quickly went down to hill as Ah Jo makes a lot mistakes with Gisele tricking him with his zap bait deck. A lot of Ah Jo’s Zaps spell were gone to waste and the snowball of elixir advantage giving Gisele the final victory. Gisele further proceeds into Semi Final where he’s guaranteed in the TOP 4 position.

Second Match goes to Mango vs Danial The Hero. Mango representing Aura with one of the best records in obtaining 12 Wins in Grand Challenge, while Danial The Hero representing Hopper Esports, another TOP clan from Malaysia being their BEST player at that time. Due to lack of tournament experience, Mango lost 0 – 3 to Danial, proving Danial’s zap bait deck were very solid and Mango could not figure out a way to counter Danial’s best deck. Danial further proceeds into Semi Final.

Third Match goes to JY from Aura vs Zero. JY had a good start by leading the match with 2 – 0 and ending with 3 – 1. JY’s Tri-Core Giant Mega Minion Musketeers were solid that Zero found no counters at that moment. JY further proceeds into Semi Final.

Fourth Match goes to Xeno from Aura vs Raveen. Xeno had always been the TOP players among Aura family, with specialization of Graveyard decks. The game start off with a tie 1 – 1, Xeno quickly realized that Raveen had been using the same deck of Three Musketeers + Barbarian Hut, Xeno then build a counter deck with Fireball and Bowler to sweep Raveen with a 3 – 1. Xeno further proceeds into Semi Final.

This were Aura Gaming’s representatives in the final 8. From left we have Mango, Xeno and JY.

HotLink Clash Wars TOP 4:

– Xeno (Aura.GMSD)

– JY (Aura.DarkHouse)

– Danial The Hero (Hopper Esports)

– Gisele (Hopper Esports)


After an hour refreshment break, all remaining players get back to their horses and begin the first match of semi final. Surprisingly, the admin of the tournament arranged for a Aura vs Aura, Hopper vs Hopper match up. This meaning each clan are guaranteed with a representative to be on the Grand Final, fighting for the throne to be the best player in Malaysia.

The first match of semi-finals goes to Danial vs Gisele, both from Hopper Esports with the expertise of Zap baiting decks. Danial was leading 2 – 0 with his obnoxious zap bait and xbow deck at the start, it was at this moment, Gisele became creative on forming his decks to counter Danial on the third and fourth match, causing Danial to perform weakly especially on the fourth match where he lost his confidence. The game winded up with 2 – 2, it was exciting and the crowd was cheering, and the last game is about to begin. Starting at the 5 th game, clearly Danial had made up his mind instead of switching decks, playing mind games with Gisele, Danial decided to play his signature Miror Princess Zap Bait deck. Gisele didn’t expect Danial to go back to his roots, and he came up with a not suitable counter deck vs zap bait, causing Danial to sweep the last game with ease, making the game 3 – 2 and further proceed to Grand Final.

The second match of semi-finals goes to Xeno vs JY, both our elite Aura player with expertise of each archetypes. This match up wasn’t as exciting as the first match-up of semi finals. After tieing with 1 – 1, Xeno proceed to sweep JY 3 – 1 with his signature Giant GY with ease, further proceed into Grand Final. JY were then decided to play against Gisele for the third place.

The third place match up were pretty interesting, after JY leading with 1 – 0 against Gisele with his Xbow deck, JY appeared to be extremely nervous and self-pressured. JY anticipating Gisele would counter his Xbow, he reemptively switching into his Giant Deck but Gisele was all along using his zap bait deck, sweeping JY with a 3 – 1 victory. Gisele then claim the 3 rd place spot with the winnings of RM1,000 and  a whooping 14,5000 gems on his account.

Grand Final

The glory of being the best player and best clan in Malaysia, Aura Gaming vs Hopper Esports, is about to unveil.

Game 1

Danial – Princess Mirror Zap Bait Deck [Win]

Xeno – Hog rider Barb Hut Archer Deck

Danial establish his outstanding baiting skills of his entire deck formation in the first game of the series. Knowing archers is Xeno’s only active unit to kill Danial’s princess, after Xeno splitting the archers from the back of his King Tower and placing his Barbs Hut on the left lane, Danial place his Princess at the back of his King Tower as well. With the reducing destroy power of Xeno’s split archers and slow movement of barbarians, Danial later mirror his Princess on the other lane, the longer ranged princess killed Xeno archers, and Xeno are forced to use his Mega minion to kill one of the princess. Another Princess remained alive while enjoying the luxury of shooting Xeno’s tower from the bridge for 6-7 shoots, dealing 1000+ damage on Xeno’s tower. Xeno’s hand were extremely stucked where he has Building target unit or spells that could not one shot Danial’s princess. With having such a big lead at the start, Danial easily claimed Game 1’s victory with the deck’s chipping potential afterwards.

Game 2

Danial – Xbow Inferno Deck [Win]

Xeno – Giant GY Poison Deck

Playing into this game, Xeno made huge mistake where after Danial’s dropping his inferno to defend Xeno’s light mega minion GY push, Xeno starts to pile up a strong push with his giant at the back of his king tower. Danial immediately respond with a smart Xbow at the bridge, targeting Xeno’s tower while the Giant was at the back. Xeno has limited option to respond the Xbow and it dealt over 1000 damage on Xeno’s Tower. The game ended with that crucial mistake and Danial finishes Xeno’s tower with direct spells. Danial further claims Game 2’s victory leading the series 2 – 0.

Game 3

Danial – Princess Mirror Zap Bait Deck

Xeno – Giant GY Fireball Deck [Win]

The atmosphere of the event became extremely tense, as well as disappointing at this moment. A lot of us expecting a clean sweep of Danial 3 – 0 Xeno because of how Danial finishes the first 2 Games. However, it was at this time Xeno think that:

”Even though I lost the first Two Game, I’ll try my best on the third game. Even if I lose, I will not lose 3 – 0 and I’ll play my most comfortable deck, no matter what.” 

It was this undying spirit that pushes Xeno’s performance to another level. He begin to guess Danial’s every move, using archers and mega minion to eliminate Danial’s goblin barrel, while saving Zap Spells to cover his Giant when Xeno make a Giant GY counter push. The Giant GY Fireball Zap quad combination proves to be too much for Danial’s fragile defenses line up, skeleton army and minion horde. Xeno begin his comeback with 1-2.

Game 4

Danial – Xbow Inferno Deck

Xeno – Giant GY Fireball Deck [Win]

Being punished and fight back with Xeno’s Giant GY deck, Danial falls back to his Xbow deck where he won Xeno’s Giant GY deck at Game 2. But boy was he wrong as the nature of tanking unit (Giant) naturally counter Xbow’s ability to damage opponent’s tower. It was only Xeno’s mistake on Game 2 where he went greedy with GY without spell support that lost him the game. But It didn’t happen on Game 4. Xeno played this game with a clear mindset and precision placement, making his push of Giant from the back of king tower so overwhelming that destroyed Danial’s building defenses. Xeno comeback with 2-2 !!!!!

Game 5

Danial – Princess Mirror Zap Bait Deck

Xeno – Giant GY Fireball Deck [Win]

The crowd went crazy, Aura supporters had a standing oviation after Game 4’s comeback. Audiences chanting “Xeno! Xeno! Xeno!…” only making Danial to further doubt his own strategy. On the last game of the championship, both players used their signature deck, and playing the best in their life to claim the victory. However, the existing vibe and comeback “Aura” of Xeno starts to pile up, transitioning into pressure for Danial. Losing Xeno with the exact same deck on Game 3, reduces Danial’s confident on Game 5. Xeno further plays with extremely calm composure, winning the last game with the same fashion in Game 3. Xeno claims the legendary come back of 3 – 2, going home with RM5,000 and 14,500 Gems with his spectacular play!


Congratulation to Xeno from Aura.GMSD for winning the first ever Hotlink Clash Wars once again. Well played to Danial The Hero from Hopper Esports for coming in 2nd. Aura Gaming would like to thank all their members for participating in this tournament held by HotLink. We will be looking forward to more of these tournaments and continue to dominate the Malaysia Clash Royale scene. One of the reason Aura Gaming performed well in this tournament is mainly because we host tournaments online almost every other week. With these tournaments, it gives a platform for our family members to horn their skills and play among each other  as a way to practice for bigger tournaments. So if you haven’t join us yet, what are you waiting for? Ah Jo that came in 5-8th has already joined us after the tournament and is in Aura.GMSD now.

BenWolf aka 獨手狼 made a video on Xeno’s deck. Check it out below!

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