Aura Pro Selection

Happy new year clashers! 2016 was a great year for Aura Gaming family. Since the creation of ‘Aura‘ brand back in October last year, we’ve grown to 60 family clans in 4 different countries. And of course, we have a brother alliance in the Philippines with DivineFamily of course!


What better way to start of the new year than the Aura Pro Selection Season 2. Our PRO TEAM did well in the Nova Cup and it was a good experience for us as well. We will be selecting fresh faces and giving opportunities to our expanded family since the last APS season. Details of APS Season 2 are below.

This tournament would be capture LIVE on stream on these twitch channels.

English: (The Rock from Aura.Alliances)

Chinese: (DaiHaiDoll from Aura.DarkHouse)

P.S. The 10k Gems tournament that is held on Friday (13th January 2017), will be open to the public as well 5 minutes before the tournament commence. Check out the twitch for password and our Facebook page as well.

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