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As some of you might have noticed, there are a number of family clans that left Aura Gaming. We thank all clans that were with us for that participation in our events and for their support in recent months. Here are some of the clans that left us:





Aura.Cosmos and Aura.Mello have been 2 dominant Aura clans in Singapore leader boards and we wish them all the best in their future activities. Sadly, they won’t be able to participate in the ACL (Aura Clan League, anymore due to their clan name, “Cosmos” and “Mello”, not being in existence anymore. They have since joined the 50 Kings SINGAPORE family.


Aura.DarkLycanz have leadership problems and majority of their members have decided to form their own clan and start a fresh. We wish them best of luck!

While some clans go, there are new clans that joined us! We are always welcoming new clans or old clans to join our family and participate in the activities that we provide. Aura Gaming’s main aim is always to have a big and enjoyable community, and to ensure that everyone is having FUN. Playing Clash Royale is all about having fun right?

Let me formally welcome Aura.Codex, Aura.Atom, Aura.Pirates and Aura.EvilChops to the Aura Family! Aura.Pirates is a Singapore clan while the other 3 clans are from Malaysia! We love new blood and thank you for joining our big and tight family!

You may want to check the Family ( link for the latest clans that are in the Aura Gaming Family. There have been many ‘fake’ clans, so before you join, check our website!

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Can my clan join aura family

what’s your clan? PM us on facebooK!

We have an Indian clan named Royale Engineers.After knowing your clans for a long time now i would request to add our clan into your family too.I have stayed in Your Australian clan for a long while but left because of my class friend .I would request you to let our clan join the Aura family .Thanks for giving attention . Please reply on my email address
Thank you.

Hi blurry can I join any of your clan.My name is Flash and would like to join one of ur family clans.PB only 4100++

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