Welcome new clans to Aura Family


Hola guys! Over the past months, Aura Gaming has been busy participating in tournaments like the CR Worlds, RPL APAC and lastly our very own Aura Clan League (http://www.auraGG.com).

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome new family clans to our BIG and FUN family! Aura Gaming has always strive to be the BIGGEST Clash Royale community in S.E.A region and i am proud to say that we indeed are! With over 64 clans under our family, we are one big happy family.

On a side note, ACL Season 1 would be ending next week and we are busy preparing for Season 2! We DO welcome clans outside Aura Gaming family for more competitive atmosphere. So if you guys are interested, do not hesitate to drop us a PM over at our facebook page (: https://www.facebook.com/AuraGamingCR/

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