Aura Clan League Season 1 comes to an end.

After 16 weeks, our very first ACL season has finally ended. Final table can be viewed at

1st: Aura Gaming

Aura Gaming came in as the favorites with BenWolf as their captain, he made sure that the whole team gets enough practices and always give advises no matter if the team win or loses. Congratulations to Aura Gaming ACL team!


2nd: DarkHouse

DarkHouse surprise many people with a strong team of malaysian players. With KiaLoon leading the way, they fought off many tough competitors and even have won Aura Gaming on their home ground. A team to watch out for at ACL Season 2!


3rd: 50 Kings Reborn

50 Kings Reborn is one of Aura Gaming’s rival in the local leader board. With many talented and young players, they have proven that age doesn’t matter and fought hard throughout the entire season gaining respect. Another team to be watchful of in the next season.

Royalah and Alliances came in 4th and 5th respectively.

We would like to thank each and every single team that participated in Aura Clan League. Although the first season has seen many hiccups, we promise to make the 2nd season a better one. Updates and information on the 2nd season of ACL will be posted on our facebook and twitter soon. Stay tuned!

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