Aura dominates Seletar Mall’s Electronic Super Cup Tournament


Last year, Zenway held a Clash Royale tournament in Jurong Point. We had a blog post on it, check it out here if you guys have forgotten :

9 months later, Zenway decided to hold another Clash Royale tournament! This time, it is in Seletar Mall! The prizes have been increased and this time it also includes Samsung goodies like S8 Phone and S3 Galaxy Tablet.


Held right smack in the middle of the shopping mall, Clashers and Gamers can been seen inside the battle arena playing multiple different games (From Clash Royale, to Fifa 2017, to Mobile Legends). This time, instead of being a One day event, Zenway decided to make it a 2 days event.

1st Day

Clashers came as early as 10am and started to queue for registration and check-in via their QR code they received from their e-mails. Aura Gaming players were seen queuing together and we did take some awesome family photos.

Here is mANGo (aka ManGod) and FamousKid posing for a shot. mANGo actually came to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur for this competition. We are very happy to have him with us for the day and this shows that Clash Royale can actually bring clashers from other parts of the world together. This is the game that unites all of us as 1.

Clashers were divided into 4 different groups on the first day. Group A started at 12pm, Group B at 2pm, Group C at 4pm and lastly Group D at 6pm. From each group, only the Top 4 will advance to the next day Top 16 brackets. The above photo we could see mANGo (White Jersey) and Para (Left, Black Jersey) and XxderekproxX (Right, Black Jersey) battling it out in Group A elimination brackets. The amount of spectators and clashers looking on were amazing and the atmosphere was fantastic!

Group A Brackets:

Group B Brackets:

Group C Brackets:

Group D Brackets:

Top 4 clashers from each group will advance to the Top 16 the next day. By 8pm, the top 16 of the tournament were confirmed and 6 Aurians have made it! The 6 Aurians were

  1. FamousKid (Aura Alpha)
  2. ima hOg (Aura Alpha)
  3. whitehorsee (Aura Royalah)
  4. xXderekproXx (Aura Alliances)
  5. RuiKang (Aura Radiances)
  6. XXF (Aura Aurora)

Day 2

Day 2 started off at 10am! It was a Sunday, so there were bound to be more spectators around as it was a family day after all. The arena was filled with many challengers and clashers waiting to get on with the TOP 16 brackets.

Quarter Finals

In the Quarter Finals of the tournament, it saw 2 of our awesome players going up against each other. whitehorsee from Aura Royalah took on ima hOg from Aura Alpha PRO team. whitehorsee won the set 3-0 with a well prepared Miner + Mega Knight control deck. In this tournament, we saw how much whitehorsee has improved with just being a free to play player. By defeating ima hOg in a best of 5 round, whitehorsee proceeded to the semi finals that would put him up against xfrostJr from Team CMC!

FamousKid from Aura Alpha PRO team was cruising the Top 16 and Quarter Finals matchup easily against Youngin (2-0) and Blizzeria (3-0). Things didn’t get difficult for him until the Semi-Finals.

Semi Finals

The Semi Finals of the tournament featured top Singaporean clans from the local leader boards. Aura Gaming along with Nova | SG and Team CMC are always seen in the top 5 rankings locally, therefore we can all expect to see a much heated semi finals.

whitehorsee vs xfrostJr

whitehorsee is an upcoming player from Aura Royalah that trains very hard in grand challenges. As a free to play player, it isn’t easy as every single gems he received from chest, have to be treasured. xfrostJr is a very good log bait player from Team CMC (Chan Mali Chan).  Both players had played in the Aura Clan League (ACL, before, therefore their skills level are definitely there.

During the match up, xfrostJr always had the upper hand. He always have the perfect counter and reply to whitehorsee’s deck. Awesome timing and placement from xfrostJr got him the win over whitehorsee in a best of 5 matchup, 3-1. xfrostJr is the first player to reach the grandfinals and will now await the outcome between Famouskid and Burnings.

Famouskid vs Burnings

The second semi finals match has started! Famouskid did not need any introduction as he is well known within the local CR community for being a good Log Bait player. Famouskid has displayed his skills during our ACL League as well as the RPL League ( He represents Aura Alpha PRO team in RPL and his team recently finished top 4 in RPL APAC Season 1. Famouskid could also be the first person in the world who finished the 20 wins challenge with a clean 20-0 record (

His opponent, Burnings, is also no stranger to the community. Previously from Aura.Immortals, Burnings is another uprising Clash Royale player with massive talent and is now with Nova | SG. Burnings also specialize in various types of deck and has no problem getting 12 wins easily in grand challenges.

The match started with Famouskid having the upper hand by winning the first 2 matches and was leading 2-0 in a best of 5 matchup. Famouskid just need 1 more win to secure his spot in the grand finals. The 3rd match started well again for Famouskid and as we were approaching the double elixir period, Famouskid placed his Balloon for a last attack and the balloon managed to connect to the tower and giving the win to Famouskid. The crowd cheered as they thought Famouskid has won the match. However, Burnings raised his hand up and showing the marshal that the red wifi signal has popped up and he was lagging in the last crucial seconds of the match. As always, fair sportmanship comes to play, the 3rd match win to Famouskid was voided and both players had to play with the exact same deck once again.

So the match restarted and Famouskid got abit ahead of himself causing him to make careless mistakes. Placements and timing of his troops were off and Burnings was able to capitalize on this and won the match. 4th Match went underway and Burnings was making a come-back. It was logbait vs logbait. They had the same exact mirror match up deck. Famouskid was in control again and it all boils down to a rocket cycle. Burnings did a sneaky corner-bridge princess placement and caught Famouskid off-guard. This 1-2 princess shots to the tower were crucial for Burnings as it did enough chip damage to bring Famouskid’s tower to rocket range. Towards the end of the match, Burnings’ rocket was 0.5 seconds faster than Famouskid’s rocket and clutching the win for Burnings. The set was now 2-2. Burnings is trying to make a reverse sweep.

Soo much pressure was on Famouskid, because he was originally leading the set 2-0. Now the tables have turned and Burning is sitting on the driver’s seat waiting to drive his way to the grand finals. As Burnings took toilet and water breaks inbetween each set, 「ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」was seen advising Famouskid to remain calm and focus. 「ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」is one of Aura Gaming’s leaders and also the leader of Aura Omega PRO team. Another team that reached the Top 4 of RPL APAC Season 1. With 「ᵇᴸᵘᴿᴿᵞ」’s words of advice, Famouskid gave his all in his last match against Burnings. Famouskid decides to use his go-to deck of log bait and played the last game to perfection. Burnings was using tornado deck that brings Famouskid’s goblin barrel to the king’s tower. But with perfect placement and timing, Famouskid was able to overcome this huddle and eventually won the set 3-2. Famouskid proceeds to the Grand Finals!!!


The Grand Finals

It was down to Aura Gaming vs Team CMC. Famouskid vs xfrostJr! It was 6pm, and the finals of Seletar Mall’s Clash Royale grand finals was about to begin. This was the only Clash Royale match that was played on stage. Famouskid is seen sitting on the left with his baby dragon plushie and xfrostJr was on the right. Before the match began, the emcee was asking the audiences to cast their votes inside the boxes infront of Famouskid and xfrostJr on who they thought will win the match. Time is ticking.. and the grand finals kicked off!

1st Grand Finals Match

Famouskid decided to go to his safe deck of playing Log Bait. Prior before the Grand Finals, xfrostJr was rocking with the similar Log Bait deck against whitehorsee and knowing this, Famouskid wanted to play a mirror match up as he felt that he had a slight upper hand when it comes to log bait. However, xfrostJr decides to play the Hognado deck with Executioner and Lightning. This deck is a very strong deck in grand challenges and it counters log bait perfectly if played flawlessly. Famouskid could not get sufficient goblin barrel damages in as xfrostJr constantly logs and tornado Famouskid’s barrels. A well timed lightning on Famouskid’s inferno tower saw the hog crushed Famouskid’s princess tower down and secured a 1-0 win for xfrostJr.


2nd Grand Finals Match

Famouskid decides to play the miner poison control deck with electro wizard and bandit inside. It is a strong control deck that can almost counter every deck. xfrostJr decided to go with the miner control deck with Pekka. Pekka is a common card recently in grand challenges as it can stop heavy beat down decks. xfrostJr showed us why he was in the grand finals as he played his electro wizard and minions to perfection whenever Famouskid drops his inferno tower. xfrostJr’s poison gave him soo much value against Famouskid’s defences and eventually won the matchup with his poison miner cycle. Things were not looking good for Famouskid as he is down 0-2 and xfrostJr only needs 1 more match win to secure his 1st place victory.


3rd Grand Finals Match

This could potentially be Famouskid’s last match and he has to win no matter what! Famouskid decided to trust his instinct and stay with his own version of miner control chip deck. It paid off as xfrostJr decided to run the log bait deck. Famouskid’s deck have a slight advantage because of miner poison combo. Using the bandit to defend against the incoming Knight, and a well placed log to clear off the goblin barrel, xfrostJr could not find any way to deal sufficient damage to Famouskid’s princess tower. Everytime Famouskid goes on the counter push, the only reply xfrostJr had against Famouskid’s miner was the goblin gang. However, Famouskid prediction of goblin gang was on point and the goblin gang melted to the posion, therefore giving Famouskid the princess tower and secure his first match point of the best of 5 set! The crowd erupted with joy when Famouskid won this match. Nobody wants to see a one sided final right?


4th Grand Finals Match

This was an important match for both players. Famouskid needs to win in order to bring the fifth set. xfrostJr needs to stop Famouskid’s momentum to win the Grand Finals! If this match goes to the last set, it would be disadvantage towards xfrostJr in terms of mentality. Famouskid decided to go with his log bait deck once again and xfrostJr with his hognado lightning deck. This was the exact same match up from the 1st match. With Famouskid playing against the same deck, he knew what mistakes he made during the 1st match and did not do it again. Famouskid was calm and compose throughout the entire match. The placement of the inferno tower was crucial to not give xfrostJr the lightning and hog/tower value. So everytime Famouskid places the inferno tower, it was out of range for hitting the Inferno Tower and Princess Tower. xfrostJr could only damage the inferno tower. Famouskid would then place an ice spirit and knight to clear up a 3/4 hp hog ride which gets no hit onto the princess tower. With 1minute of game time left, Famouskid had to rocket cycle because of the counters (log, tornado) xfrostJr had for Famouskid’s goblin barrel. With perfect defence against xfrostJr hog lightning combo, and a rocket cycle timed to perfection, Famouskid won the match and brought the set score to 2-2. A COME BACK IS BREWING.


5th and Final Match

As this was the last and final match, both players were intense and decided to go with their most comfortable deck. Needless to say, it was definitely going to be log bait for Famouskid. xfrostJr decides that he is most comfortable with his hognado lightning deck, and decided to stick with it. One of Famouskid skillset is that once he lost to a deck, he will not lose twice. He is quick to learn of his mistakes and adapt to where he went wrong the first time round. Remember, it was a stage match, so no one was allowed to give them advices and deck choice. This is all down to the players themselves. With the quick learning ability of Famouskid, he knows how to defence against the hog lightning combination flawless by the time it reaches to the last and final set. With that being said, Famouskid played to perfection in the last and final set and less than 100 damage was done to Famouskid’s princess tower. A LIVE video reaction of Famouskid can be found on our Facebook page ( after Famouskid won the last set!

Famouskid showed everyone why he is considered Singapore’s BEST CLASH ROYALE PLAYER. Well done!

Famouskid and xfrostJr on stage collecting their prizes! Well played to both players giving the audiences an exciting Grand Finale!

The Top 16 brackets can be found here:


The Aura Gaming family that stayed with Famouskid throughout the whole day! Thank you every Aurians that came and gave their support!

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